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Meadowbrook Locksmith Company: Lock and Key Types

Over the years locks and keys have changed a lot. Have you noticed? There are many changes and advancements that have been made with locks especially in recent times. There are so many options these days that lock choices really boil down to personal preference or budget limits. You can go from very basic to technologically-advanced. Here, you will see some of the options available. 

Meadowbrook Locksmith Company in Meadowbrook, VA always keeps up with all these changes that occur in the lock industry. This is why we stock, install, maintain and repair all types of locks. From the most basic to some of the most hi-tech locks, you can check out our services.   

What Type of Locks Do You Have at Home?

One of the most common types of lock that remains popular to this day is deadbolts. Not only are they very popular but they are also a very inexpensive way of securing your property. You can put deadbolts on a variety of doors and entrance points. They are so versatile and inexpensive. It is no wonder that so many people use them. 

Although deadbolts are so effective at providing security, they will not last forever. As a matter of fact, no lock is built to last forever. They may last for many, many years, but at some point, locks will go bad – basically, too much wear and tear or use will end up causing damage. If you have had the locks on your house for a while now, you should make sure that they are still effective.

You don’t have to hire a locksmith for that though. You can inspect the locks yourself. Look for rust or other signs of wear and tear and make sure you can open and close them without difficulty. If you can’t it is time to replace those old locks. Another thing that you can consider is a lock upgrade. 

If you love to have the latest technology around you or you just want to have locks that can provide a greater level of security, a lock upgrade may be just what you need. When you are getting a lock upgrade, you don’t have to go with the latest and most expensive lock hardware. Don’t shy away from it because you’re thinking it is going to be ridiculously expensive. A lock upgrade simply means that you are getting lock hardware that is a bit more advanced than what you currently have. So, what are your options? Well, there are keyed locks and keyless entry systems.   

Keyed Locks Vs Keyless Entry Systems

So, now you have decided to upgrade your locks or purchase some new locks, but you are stuck on which type to purchase. How can you ever choose? You have been used to all these keyed locks but you are now hearing that keyless options are better. Do you even know how to use these keyless locks? How willing are you to learn? Are you tech savvy at all? 

The choice between keyed locks and keyless systems are really based on personal preference. Yes, it is said that keyless options offer better protection, but keyed locks are very effective too. One of the most important things that should affect your choice is the amount of security that you need and what you can afford. You can always learn how to use keyless entry systems if you really want to have it around. It’s just a matter of affordability and level of security you need. 

When you are thinking about affordability, remember that keyless options may need a bit more maintenance than keyed ones. Plus, since you are now dealing with technology, there is a lot more that can go wrong with keyless locks. If safety is your primary concern however, the choice should be pretty clear and the decision easy- keyless entry systems.

Of course, there is one major difference between keyed and keyless entry systems and the name says it all. With keyed locks, you have to use a key and make sure that you always have that key to open the lock. For Keyless systems, you do not need a key. Although some systems will give you the option of using a key, it is completely optional. Other systems will not have a keyed option and require one or several modes of entry for access to be granted.   

Locks for Commercial Property

Even though some of the locks that are used at your home can be used on commercial property, it is generally recommended that business owners use commercial grade locks. Once again, there are keyed options as well as keyless ones. If you are a business owner, you need to make sure that your locks are checked for effectiveness periodically. 

Many locksmith companies offer lock inspections for commercial properties. All you need to do is hire a locksmith and your locks can get checked to make sure that they are pulling their weight. In addition to checking your locks, you should make sure that the locks you have installed are appropriate for the area that they are placed in. It makes no sense to have interior locks on exterior doors. You would definitely be making yourself vulnerable to break-ins. 

When it comes on to your commercial property, do not leave anything up to chance. The best thing to do is hire professionals to take care of it for you. Commercial locksmiths can offer guidance and advice as to what locks and systems you should have in place. Although some of these requirements may be mandatory by the state or city that your business is in, some may not be a requirement. It doesn’t mean that you should overlook or ignore the advice that you receive. It is always better to be prepared than unprepared. 

If you hire anyone for assistance, be cautious of “advice” that may just be in favor of helping them make money rather than benefitting your best interest. It’s best to hire a licensed and insured provider. If you call us at Meadowbrook Locksmith Company in Meadowbrook, VA you won’t have to worry about us recommending unnecessary products or lock hardware for your commercial or residential property. We have your best interest at heart and we will make sure that your property remains well secured.

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